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Love It!

💜💜💜💜💜💜 I have it my home office and just 💜💜💜💜💜💜


Too small, not worth the price for candles. The scent didn't even fill up the room. There was a sample of body butter that smelt really nice though, but candles are a no for me. Would rather bath and body more candle for less.


Love this scent! And the oil is phenomenal! It actually soaks in and leaves my skin happy!

Smells just like Fruity Pebbles

My husband is a lover of all things cereal, and when I had him sniff this cuticle oil he was so impressed by how much it smells like fruity pebbles. I honestly find myself using this cuticle oil a few times a day just because it smells so good. Highly recommend it!

Absolutely love this brand

Ordered the cuticle oil for some stocking stuffers and now I can’t get enough. The scents are great and I loved the extra touch of having a sample lotion included. Putting in my next order soon!

Let's Get This Bread Cuticle Oil
Taylor Taylor
Customer for life!

Just got my first purchase and definitely not my last!

Rose Bath Dip Powder
Chinetha Mason
Nice idea

Really cute are kind hard to get to stay

Love the color

Super nice dip but I ordered 2 mini jars and only received one I reached out to the seller twice and no response. I liked the product but the customer service is lacking

Butter Balm | Meet the Minis
Jessica (Miumiumanis) Miudo
A must have

I love everything about it! The smell and the feel of these butter balms are amazing!

Autumn Red Dip Powder
Gabriella Cavanagh
So shimmery!!

I'm in love with Autumn Red!! So perfect for fall and The shimmer in her is so so pretty!

Perfect trio

I absolutely love how these shades pair together. The uv changer is so unique. A perfect fall/winter set!

Nectarine Green Tea Butter Balm
So refreshing!

I say every cuticle butter is my favorite, but this one is so fresh smelling! I absolutely adore it. If you like a clean, not overly fruity scent - this is the one for you!

The perfect blue

Pacific coast has a unreal shimmer! It is so gorgeous. It’s the perfect shade of blue for every season! I will totally be rocking it from fall to winter.

The Dip Club
Amanda Demps
Love it!

It isn't always colors I would pick for myself, but that's what I love! It is a surprise that gets me out of my ordinary colors! And they ate always beautiful!!

My Sunshine Dip Powder
Brittany Lawrence

My Sunshine is so pretty and easy to work with.

Sailor's Night Sky is a stunner!

This blue is so gorgeous and so easy to work with and there are so many light and beautiful flakes in it. It has been a lovely addition to my dip collection!

Retired Dip Club
Colleen Westerman
Teal The Deal and Pop Queen: June's Surprise Surplus = GORGEOUS!

Teal the Deal and Ice Pop Queen are two of the most gorgeous colors I've purchased so far. They are both easy to work with and they cover well with two dips. The quickly became favorites for me and they are eye catching when out and about. I get many compliments on manis one or both. If you are a teal fan you need these dips!

Siren Dip Powder
Colleen Westerman
Beautiful Siren

Siren is a gorgeous combination of shades of pink and purple. She's glossy and has a jelly look. She covers very well and is easy to work with. She's really beautiful!

Teeny Bikini
Colleen Y Westerman
Pretty Teeny Bikini

Teeny Bikini is so darn pretty. It's such a lovely shade of lavender purple with plenty of blue shimmers to catch some attention, especially in bright sunlight. She's a beauty!

Self-Love Dip Powder
Colleen Y Westerman
Gorgeous, Bright, Eye Catching Self Love

I'll be honest, I have historically not been a glitter fan but Self Love has converted me. It is eye catching and simply stunning. It's shimmers like a well cut diamond. Many glitters are more challenging to apply but not Self Love. It is one of the easiest dips I've ever used. I first ordered a sample because wasn't sure I'd use it very often. Upon receiving it and making a sample stick I was so struck with it that I ordered more so I would be sure to have what I needed in my collection. It's so pretty. Buy it!

Flower Child Dip Powder
Colleen Y Westerman
Flower Child- Beautiful, Floral Flake

What a beautiful lavender cream base with fun, pretty purple flakes. Flower Child covers evenly and was very easy to use. This floral is unique to some other florals and I just love it.

It’s Jam-ing Season Cuticle Oil
Erin Bishop
Berry Delicious!

This oil smells like fresh berries being put into jars to make jam! This is so fruity its perfect for summer, but the berries make it very fall too!

Hakunna Moscato Cuticle Oil
Light and Refreshing

This scent is amazing, its so light and refreshing and perfect for anytime of year, especially summer!

Dip Powder | Meet the Minis
Elizabeth Whitten

I loved the grab bag dip powder that came in! So pretty!

The best blue sparkle!

This is such a beautiful shade of light blue with other colors slightly shining through as it shines! pics dont do it justice. This glitter is so fine and smooth and soo easy to work with!